Bayberry Cove Beach Decor
Beach Apartment Decor

Beach Apartment Decor

Beach apartment decor needs to be perfect to give your home the right beach feel. Whether you have an apartment at the beachside that you want to decorate, or an inland apartment that you want to adorn with a coastal aesthetic, a Beach Style home decor is perfect if you desire a relaxing, blissful, and soothing ambiance.

Color Palette

Neutral shades are ideal for the walls, and can be combined with another color to contrast or complement. A number of color combinations fit to give your apartment a seaside feel:

  • Sandy colored walls with touches of blue
  • Light blue walls with stone grey contrasts
  • White-colored walls with bits of blue
  • Off-white walls with sandy shades to complement

Limited Use of Furniture

An open, airy layout with minimal furniture greatly accentuates a beachy feel in your apartment.

Textured furniture in neutral shades adds a grainy feel that is reminiscent of sandy beaches. Alternatively, you can select sleek furniture with peppy colors to create a vibrant and flamboyant mood. Cane and bamboo furniture also fits in well with a beach style decor.

Sense of Openness

Keep your windows uncurtained to allow in maximum light and create a sense of openness. You can also add a mirror in your living room to enhance the lightning.

Pops of Colour

Use vibrant colors like yellow, lime green, orange, or blue in your furniture and accessories so that it livens up your living room. After all, a beach is anything but boring, and your living room should convey the same lively feel.

Wall Decor

Wallpapers in neutral shades with abstract designs add an elegant touch to your rooms, while not diminishing the beach aesthetic.

Little Accessories Generate the Atmosphere

Simple accessories can help you create the desired aesthetic:

  • A hammock on the porch is the perfect accessory to add to the beachy spirit.
  • Palms and small succulents are ideal for creating a seaside ambiance.
  • Seashells, cute pebbles, and other souvenirs from the beach work really well to decorate your tables and window sills.
  • Landscape art of the seaside enlivens the imagination and soothes the mind. Be careful not to clutter the walls with too many frames though, as it would diminish the open, airy feel that you are aiming for.


The Beach Apartment decor is all about comfort and calm. It is meant to give a breezy feel to your rooms, reminiscent of the open beaches. Hence, furniture and accessories are kept uncluttered, and neutral shades are used with a dash of bold vibrance here or there.