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Beach Towel Colors to Stay Cool

Beach Towel Colors to Stay Cool

When considering the color of your beach towel, you should assess several factors to choose what suits your needs. A particular color shade can evoke certain emotions. You may have your favorite colors, but you want to settle for something that will not make you uncomfortable at the beach.

The Best Colors to Stay Cool at the Beach

Consider the following ideas for the color of your beach towels:

White Towels

Beach Towel Colors to Stay Cool - White TowelsWhite symbolizes purity and cleanliness, but that is not the main idea when selecting a beach towel. It is the best because it does not retain heat, ensuring your body stays cool. A white towel can keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Nonetheless, keep in mind white stains easily. You will be outdoors with your towel, exposing your towel to more elements like dirt and dust. While you can choose a darker shade (like dark green or dark blue) to avoid staining it easily, these colors retain heat. The retained heat will most likely make you uncomfortable.

The high heat retention in darker-shade towels also facilitates their fading. They suffer more moisture problems. Thus, your white towel will retain its original appearance for longer.

Vibrant Yellow Towel

Vibrant Yellow TowelYou want to keep your colors as bright as possible. The bright colors will help the towel release heat and keep you cool. A vibrant yellow towel will look beautiful while serving its purpose effectively.

The best thing about yellow is that it blends well with all skin tones. You can enjoy taking outstanding pictures in your vibrant yellow towel to keep your memories.

However, be careful with stains and dirt. A vibrant yellow towel can easily pick up dust and dirt particles. You can work with several towels and ensure they are always clean.

Pink Towel

Pink TowelPink is another bright color to consider when selecting your beach towel. It is among the few colors that don’t fade quickly. A pink towel will also help release heat from your body to ensure your sunbathing experience is comfortable.

As with other bright colors, pink towels visibly pick up dirt and dust traces. The best way to avoid having a visibly dirty towel at the beach is to pack several of them for your trip.

Beach Themed Designs

Beach Themed DesignsThe best way to remember your experience at the beach is to stay unique. You can go for a towel with intricate graphics and artwork, adding elegance to your style. You will undoubtedly stand out depending on how much detail you want to include in your towel.

While choosing your style, remember to work with bright colors. The idea is to work with colors that will help with keeping your body cool. Bright colors are also easily identifiable if heavy waves lead to drifting down the shore.

Stay Cool With Bright Colors

The temptation to go for darker shades at the beach is high because they don’t stain easily. However, you want to have a comfortable time with towels that don’t retain heat. Pick bright colors for your beach towels and ensure they are always clean.

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