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You likely have wondered if you have the right beach towel size if you’ve spent some time at the beach. And have you had some not-so-great experiences on the beach after part of your body touches hot sand? Or are you sometimes frustrated when wet sand sticks to your legs? The wrong beach towel size can mess up your beach experience. Too small, too narrow, too long, not wide enough for two – we’ve all been there!

Unlike other towels, being absorbent is not always ideal for beach towels. The one crucial beach essential should be wide and long enough to protect your body from the sand and offer enough space to relax.

But how large should your beach towel be? Beach towel size is important if you want to have a perfect day at the beach!

Beach Towel SizeStandard SizeLarge SizeMonster Size
Dimensions (in)30" x 60"35" x 78"120" x 120"

The Ideal Size of a Beach Towel

Although beach towels are designed to be big enough, they come in three different sizes. And this makes sense, as there are many factors that affect the right beach towel size for you.

Here is a breakdown of beach towel sizes you should consider during your upcoming trip to the shores.

Standard Size

A standard beach towel is bigger than an average bath towel. It ranges from 30 inches x 60 inches to about 31 inches x 63 inches. The size is ideal for individuals as it leaves enough space to lie on and can accommodate a couple of your belongings.

It is also big enough to tie on as you walk along the shores.

Standard size:

30 inches x 60 inches (3’ x 5’)

Large Size

Sometimes you prefer a larger beach towel size. The large-sized beach towels are about 35 inches x 70 inches in size, big enough and ideal for couples. It can accommodate you, your partner, and your belongings without feeling cramped.

It can also cover a lounge chair completely. You can also find a large-sized towel of about 35 inches x 78 inches, perfect for small families.

Monster Size

Do you believe in “sharing is caring” and love hanging out on the beach with friends? Then, the super-sized monster beach towel is the ideal match for you. It measures about 120 inches x 120 inches and is ready to give everyone and their belongings enough space.

The largest-sized beach towel in the world is also designed conveniently to ensure it lives up to its name. For instance, it can be rolled up and comes with carrying straps for easy moving and storage. Additionally, it has corner pockets that hold sand to ensure it stays flat on the ground.

Nothing Beats Having the Right Beach Towel

You should avoid the idea of grabbing a bath towel when heading to the beach. Beach towel size is a crucial consideration for the perfect day at the beach! And a bath towel lacks in many areas, and most importantly, they just don’t look as cool! 

And that will limit your fun and excitement on those precious beach days.

Always remember that a beach towel can break or make your beach experience. 

So, make your beach towel your favorite summertime friend by choosing the ideal size. And when in doubt, always go big! It’s always nice to have that extra space.

At Bayberry Cove, we provide all of your beach essentials, especially beach towels that offer you the best possible experience by the pool or sea. Our beach towels also come with cool and classy designs made from high-quality fabrics.