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Best Beach Games for Adults

Best Beach Games for Adults

Sunbathing is fun. It’s an excellent way of spending your summer time at the beach. However, after hours of tanning and baking under the sun, adults, too, need some playtime. So what better way to spend time with your loved ones other than getting involved in some beach games for adults?

There are dozens of beach games for adults that are fun to play. These games allow you to bond with your family, friends, and fellow beachgoers while simultaneously getting some essential physical exercises. So, which ones are they?

1. Bottle bash

Bottle bash involves a team of 2 players trying to knock a bottle off the opponent’s pole by hitting it with a 175g frisbee.

Teams earn points if they knock off the opponent’s bottle. However, they also lose points if they drop the Frisbee during the throw. All you require is a collapsible portable aluminum pole and ample space for throws.

2. Cornhole

Cornhole is a popular beach game. The game involves tossing a 16-ounce bag of corn onto a 16-inch hole drilled on a raised board stage. You need two cornhole sets and four bags of corn to start.

3. Bocce ball

Bocce ballNo adult beach games lover would pass on playing bocce ball. The game is fun and competitive enough to keep every participant on edge.

Bocce ball involves two teams of two players each. Each player has two large balls, known as bocce. Players then take turns targeting a smaller ball, the Pallino, by rolling the bocci. You earn points if you hit the Palino.

4. Tidalball

Tidalball is a hybrid of cornhole and booce. Players toss tidal balls into holes dug on the ground to score points. Unlike bocce, the tidalball does not require cumbersome game kits. The game was recently invented on South Carolina beaches and has been on an upward trend.

5. Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a popular sport in the Olympics. You can also play the game with your friends at the beach. It involves two teams standing opposite each other on a marked ground, separated by a net.

Players who don’t have a net can draw lines on the sand and redesign the rules to accommodate these changes. You can play using both your feet and hands. Volleyball is a high-energy game and will get you sweating.

6. Spikeball

Spikeball is another intense physical non-contact game. It requires catlike precision and agility with quick and strategic thinking.

As the name suggests, players spike/smash a volleyball-sized ball onto a trampoline-like stand, as in table tennis. After hitting the trampoline stage, you aim to drop the ball on your opponent’s side. It’s an engaging game that will get you going for hours.

7. Tug of war

Tug of warAre you not a ball game fan? Why not try tug of war with your friends? Form two balanced teams and have a go at each other.

Tug of war is a classic game that requires teamwork and physical strength. It’s a beach game for adults that guarantees hours of laughter and good memories. Remember to bring along your tugging rope.

8. Frisbee

Frisbee is a popular treat on Australian and American beaches. In some instances, the game has been modified into Gritz, whereby players must throw and catch the Frisbee with both feet off the ground. However, the standard frisbee game is straightforward and fun for any adult.

To play, line up your team on one end of the playing ground. The first player throws the Frisbee to the next player in line, who must catch it before taking another turn. The game continues in the same pattern until one team makes an error.

9. Bucket ball

Are you a beer pong enthusiast? Bucketball is a variation of beer pong. However, we use water and buckets instead of beer and beer tumblers. Players stand on opposite sides and aim a ball into the water buckets of their opponents. The game is pure fun.

10. Kickball

Also known as beach towel baseball, beach kickball utilizes towels as bases. In addition, players can use a beach ball/a soccer ball, and a soft Wiffle bat. The game has a similar theme to baseball.

Have fun all day at the beach

We know that there are many other beach games for adults out there. The ones we have mentioned are some of the most popular. You can always try out new games and activities to keep things fresh.

We hope you have lots of fun at the beach! Remember to practise safety when engaging in any form of physical sports. (1)

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