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DIY Beach Decor

DIY Beach Decor

Do you want your house to remind you of the beach? If so, DIY beach decor might be the solution you are looking for! It can be a lot more affordable than pricey retail shops. And many times you can achieve the same (or better) look.

Maybe you want your room to reflect your favorite Hawaii destination, or is there a beach in New England that always reminds you of your childhood? Wherever you want to replicate, here’s how to give any room a beach theme at DIY prices.

Which Beach Warms Your Soul?

First, what kind of beach do you think of when you put together your beach theme? East Coast beaches, California and Hawaii are all vastly different, so have a clear idea of your beach theme before going forward. You could put together a mood board with images of the destination.

For example, if you are going for your favorite beach in Florida, print off a load of different pictures from the area and stick them together. You could also make a virtual mood board on Pinterest.

Think About Beach Colors and Beach Tones

Of course, the main beach tone is blue. You might want to decorate your walls in blue or have blue furniture. Alternatively, you could use yellow or gold colors to mimic sand.

Some beaches have black, red or pink sand – so you could work out ways to incorporate these into your color theme as well. And if you are mimicking a tropical beach, you might want a splash of green – green is the color of the tops of palm trees and other exotic shrubbery.

Decor With Shells

If you have your own shells, there are lots of ways you can make your own decorations. For example, you could stick shells to the outside of lamps to make a DIY shell lamp. Or you could fill a large glass or vase with shells and have that as an ornament. If you have larger shells, you could simply leave them on display.

Ropes to Make Knots

Another beach decor idea is to use ropes. Ropes represent nautical culture, so it makes sense that you will use some ropes in your decor. To display ropes in an aesthetic style, you could learn how to knot them in different ways. You could hang these knotted ropes off a wall or knot a few together to make a hanging soap tray.

Another way you can incorporate a rope is by lining a mirror with one. Using superglue, stick a rope all around a mirror’s edge. When the two ends of the rope meet, try to knot them together using one of the methods that you have learned.

Wall Decor

Your wall decor should have a few pictures of the seaside. If you are artistically gifted, why not make these yourself? Or you could ask any children, nieces/ nephews or grandkids if they could make one for you!

Alternatively, there are lots of seaside scene paintings on sale in all sorts of shops. From Target to art dealers to your local thrift store, there will be somewhere near you where you can purchase a picture to put on the wall!

Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jar lanterns are really easy to make. Simply take a mason jar, decorate it and attach a wire if you want it to hang up. Alternatively, you could put it on a fire-proof surface. As you are going for a beach theme, you could decorate it with the outline of fish or shells.

As you can see, there are lots of creative ideas to decorate your bathroom in a beachy style! Follow these steps for inspiration, and you’ll soon have a room that reminisces your favorite coastal vacation.

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