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Family Beach Pictures

Family Beach Pictures

Are you planning family beach pictures? Investing in quality shore shots is a perfect way to keep precious holiday memories, or take that perfect large photo for your family wall of fame. 

Prepare your next photo op in advance to save on time, energy, and even frustration. This article covers ten great tips to taking perfect family beach pictures that you will enjoy for generations.

Ten Tips for Best Family Beach Pictures

The following are simple and essential guidelines before taking any beach photos.

1. Right Timing

Best Time for Family Beach PicturesPhoto sessions at the beach can be tricky because of the winds and lighting. Target the golden hour, the last hour before sunset, or the first hour after sunrise for stunning photos. 

These are considered the best times by professional photographers. The early morning is generally ideal, because the wind is generally less in the morning. And we all know the beach can get very windy during the day, which can be a problem for beach photos.

And sunset also creates stunning photos that can last a lifetime. So it’s a personal preference to choose the best time for the shoot, and of course it depends which coast you’re on which might determine sunrise or sunset. If you’re on the east coast for example, then you have your decision: sunrise!

One last important item on timing. If your designated time is 6:30am, make sure you arrive not later than 6:00 am. So tell your family that you need to arrive at 5:45 am so you have a buffer. 

And yes, that’s very early, but it’s well worth it to stay ahead of the schedule. And with the entire family getting ready in the morning, you’ll need the extra padding!

2. Use a Tripod

If you’re going the DIY route, get a steady tripod for supporting and rotating your camera at any angle while taking selfies and timed photos. You can get a quality tripod online for a very affordable price. And they come in handy, and not just for photo ops.

A professional photographer is always the way to go if you can afford it. You can get professional beach photos done for $250+ if you shop around. 

Pro Tip: The photographer will generally want you to purchase the final photos from him or her. You can likely find a cheaper route online once you download the shots to your computer. 

3. Be Patient and Keep Your Cool

Looking for the perfect shot can be sometimes frustrating and challenging. So make sure to keep your family patient and calm during the process. It should be an enjoyable event, but just know going in that there will be challenges and surprises. There always are some challenges. 

So roll with the punches and make sure everyone involved knows upfront that there will likely be some bumps in the road. Whether it’s a gust of wind, or sand blowing up in your eyes, or some other annoyance. Stay cool and calm and enjoy the process.

4. Touch-up Make-up and a Hair Brush

Make sure to bring touch-up make-up, as well as a hair brush. You’ll like have to deal with some wind and even water spraying from the ocean. So having these items will help you to recover and keep the photo shoot moving forward.

Also make sure to have wipes or a small towel, so that if sand blows in your eyes you will be able to clean your eyes.

5. Lighting

Depending on the timing, it’s key to have proper lighting. For example, you might need other items like an umbrella, flash, and light stand. They brighten, add significant effect, and lighten subjects during the shooting. For example, if you’re taking sunrise photos and the sun is rising directly behind you, then you’ll need some lighting for proper color.

If you’re working with a professional photographer, they will not only have this lighting, but they’ll know how to employ it for the best quality.

6. Dress Code and Color Scheme

Dress your family for the big occasion! Consider wearing two to three matching colors, like blue and white. These colors really accentuate the occasion, but really the color are a very personal preference.

Comfortable and matching outfits with solid colors for less distraction are critical at the beach. And if you want to get more colorful, that is OK as well. You just don’t want too many colors in the photo as that can look busy and overwhelming. So keeping the color pattern simple is always best.

Family Beach Picture Tips

7. Leave Your Phones and Sunglasses In Your Car

If members of your family have their own mobile phones at the shoot, they will likely want to take some pictures for themselves. This can be a major distraction to the process, and also create frustration and tension. 

So make sure that everyone leaves their mobile phones in the car so that nobody will be tempted. This allows everyone to focus on the task at hand. 

Also, make sure to leave sunglasses in the car also unless they are going to be worn in the family beach pictures. If not, you might be left to put them in your pockets which can interfere with the photo shoot.

8. Normal Pose

 A nice and relaxed pose generally works very well for a family beach picture. The beach is a place of relaxation and comfort, so it always makes sense to match your pose with the venue. 

So whether you are standing or sitting on the beach, a nice and comfortable look is always a good choice. And if you’re sitting on the beach, make sure you have a neutral color for your beach towel and the right beach towel size.

9. Horizon Watch

The horizon might intersect with your family’s heads. So just be aware of this possibility so you can adjust accordingly. It’s always best to take some practice shots to see if you like the positioning and lighting. 

10. Double Check Everyone’s Attire

Make sure each member of your family is “checked off” before the first beach shot is taken. It’s very easy to miss a button, or have a bra strap showing, a piece of dirt on your face, or some other small glitch. This can really put a damper on the final product.

And it only takes a few minutes to double check that everyone is ready for the very best family beach pictures!

Take Away for Family Beach Pictures

There are many ways to take beach family pictures to look different depending on the time and season. Using the golden hour, stepping out in neutral and soft color outfits, and adding extra lighting works wonders for your photos. 

The beach has beautiful, endless shooting spots and subjects; the choice is your’s, have fun!

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