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Bucket Ball Ultimate Beach Game

  • Tens Of Thousands Sold
  • Portable! Lightweight! Convenient!
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Inflatable Racks
  • Manufacturer: Tailgating Sports, LLC
  • Color: Orange,Blue



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About this item
  • TENS OF THOUSANDS SOLD!!! BucketBall is the ultimate beach, pool, poolside, backyard, camping, tailgating and outdoor game.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? Our Beach Edition Combo Pack Includes 12 Ultra-Durable Buckets (6 Blue & 6 Orange), 2 Hybrid Balls, 2 Bucket Pong Balls, 2 Tailgate Balls, Tote Bag.
  • PORTABLE! LIGHTWEIGHT! CONVENIENT! BucketBall is portable, lightweight and convenient to take anywhere on the go. 
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORIES! The BucketBall Beach Edition Combo Pack includes 3 different game balls: Hybrid Balls, Bucket Pong Balls, and Tailgate Balls which allow you to choose the type of game play you desire. 
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! Our hassle-free lifetime warranty will replace any damaged part forever!
The Ultimate Beach, Pool, Backyard, Tailgate, Camping and Outdoor Yard Pong Game

The BucketBall revolution all started at the beach back in 2013 when a group of friends came up with the game concept and everyone else at the beach saw and loved the game so much we had to bring the game to market. BucketBall was born with the BucketBall Beach Edition. BucketBall was the first and the original yard pong game!

Also Designed for Tailgating, Camping and Playing on Flat Surfaces

Our Tailgate Game Balls do not bounce or roll far making them perfect for use at tailgates, camping and any flat surface. Our Tailgate Game Balls are made of a vinyl material filled with plastic resin (similar to a hacky sack).

Inflatable Rack Compatible

Only BucketBall buckets are compatible with the BucketBall Inflatable Rack set. Our Inflatable Rack Set allows you to play without having to weigh the buckets down with water, sand or some weighted object. The Inflatable Racks allow you to play at tailgates on the ground and they even float on water.