Bayberry Cove Beach Decor

Casaverse Turkish Quick Dry Sand Free Oversized Beach Towels

  • Size: 38×71
  • Color: Turquoise | White
  • Material: Cotton
  • Fabric Type: Cotton
  • Brand: CASAVERSE


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Whenever you are out at the beach or come out of the shower, your towel feels like an extension of your body, so there is no alternative to having the best one. You need your towel to absorb quickly, occupy less space, dry quickly, get rid of sand quickly, and be stylish at the same time! All this however is only possible with a Turkish towel and we’ve got the premium Turkish towel for you: Casaverse Turkish Beach Towel. Fun time is not time for compromise, because of which we have made the towel in 38″ x 71″ dimensions. This gives you plenty of room to clean yourself comfortably. These are made from premium Turkish cotton (superior quality) and the total weight of our towel is ranging from 10oz to 15oz vs 7oz of most available options. This extra weight of cotton makes it super soft and cozy.

About this item
  • Made of 100% Turkish cotton, Turkish beach towels are OEKO TEX certified, using only natural dyes.
  • Beach towels are prewashed not to shrink and to make them cloud-soft and lightweight.
  • Perfect companion everywhere you go, pack these large beach towels to use as a bath towel.
  • Our extra-large beach towels are an ideal gift for women, men, home warming, or any special occasion.
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