Bayberry Cove Beach Decor

INFI Glass Lens Beach Mirrored UV Protection Sunglasses

  • Brand: INFI
  • Lens width: 58 millimeters
  • Bridge: 16 millimeters
  • Arm: 135 millimeters
  • Glass lens
  • Metal frame
  • Scratch Resistant Coating coating




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About this item
  • Glass lens tech is scientifically tuned to boost mood and alertness while enhancing color and contrast, providing a truly life-changing visual experience
  • Outstanding optical quality. High scratch
  • The oldest material used for lenses is ideal for those who often work in an environment with excessive heat.
  • 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage with distortion-free clarity
  • High-quality function lenses for your sunglasses then INFI sunglasses have the answer to your needs

The polarized glass lens is made of a polarizing film sheet sandwiched by 2 pcs of optical glass sheets and bonded together. The unique mirror curved design completely avoids the “wave” of the mirror surface caused by the curvature mismatch of the two glass lenses, and it also solves the problem that the bubbles in the interlayer cannot be smoothly discharged from the lens.

After the lens is shaped, with the unique advanced technology, a variety of imported high-quality chemical materials are tightly attached to the edge of the lens, so that the moisture in the air can’t penetrate in the adhesive surface. The problem of lens adhesion and delamination has become a history, which greatly extends the service life of the lens. Moreover, due to the stress formed by the adhesive layer around the lens, the ability to resist the external impact of the lens is also greatly enhanced.

The main materials of the glass polarized lens including polarizing film and chemical bonding materials are all produced by famous companies, which guarantees stable quality and performance.

Stable optical performance

Among various materials, optical glass is with high light transmittance, the most stable radian, and the lowest imaging distortion.

The superior polarizing performance can 100% eliminate the glare which causes human eye fatigue and blurred glare, making the wearer feel more comfortable and the vision clearer.

UV resistant

Long-term exposure to sunshine and UV rays can cause incalculable damage to the human eyes. UV380 lenses and UV400 lenses can meet different needs of wearers and filter out 100% of UV damage.

Uniform color

The polarizing film is placed in the protection of the optical sheet, which is free from air erosion and is always stable and uniform color.

Strong adhesion and long life

The application of the sealing technology makes the adhesion much better than that of the unsealed lens, the lens layering has become a history, and the service life is greatly extended.