Bayberry Cove Beach Decor

OBB Collapsible Beach Wagon Cart Wheels & Adjustable Handle for Garden

  • Brand: Old Bahama Bay
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Caster Type: Swivel
  • Product Dimensions: 31.75″D x 10.75″W x 17.15″H



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About this item

Perfect for use at the beach, parks, camping and other outdoor activities. The accordion style wagon board makes set up and take down a breeze. It folds easily, saving a lot of storage space. Its heavy-duty coated steel frame and fabric are durable. The telescoping adjustable handle can be locked and extended for effortless transport on a variety of surfaces such as sand and grass. It comes in a stylish color scheme and is versatile enough for all your daily travel needs and activity plans.

  • The heavy duty steel structure allows you to load up to 225lbs on flat ground such as grass and 150lbs on sand.
  • Designed with 360° swivel wheels for smooth movement,wide and well-constructed wheels that allow you to carry coolers, tents and chairs on the beach without getting stuck in the sand.
  • Built in an adjustable handle that moves smoothly to where you need it; the handle does not fall off and its height is locked with joints, so it can control the carriage very well .
  • This beach wagon has a well-designed tailgate that can be opened. Compared with the conventional wagon cart, we can meet various loading needs and use it more conveniently.
  • The US patented design allows the folding cart to be folded up by simply lifting the middle strap.
Openable Tailgate

Unlike its market counterpart, our tail section can be opened to be able to meet the needs of larger size loading.

Extra Large Wheels

The extra-large wheels can adapt to the movement of different surfaces such as sand and grass.

Heavy Duty Steel Frame

The heavy duty steel frame is capable of carrying 150lbs to 220lbs, making it durable and convenient for your life.