Bayberry Cove Beach Decor

PARENTSWELL 2 Pack Hammock Pool Floats

  • Color: Blue/Deeppink
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Item Weight:  0.8 Kilograms



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About this item
  • The water hammock allows middle of your body to stay cool by soaking in the water while keeping your head and knee afloat.
  • Our pool floats include a pool float hammock x2,and hand pump x1 to avoid the embarrassment of blowing with your mouth.
  • The pool hammock floats for adults Can be used as Saddle, Lounge Chair, Hammock, Drifter,add colorful cheer to your pool day.
  • Our pool hammock is made of vinyl cloth + soft mesh, which are softer and durable than common plastic pool hammocks,won’t peel or crack.
  • This Inflatable pool floats for adult is 52 * 27.5 inches , maximum weight Capacity: 250 lbs,best for people 16 and up.
  • Water hammock (Deeppink and white stripe)*1,
  • Water hammock(Lightseagreen and white stripe)*1,
  • Inflater hand air pump*1.