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SUNBKIM Fast Drying Microfiber Beach Towel

  • Towel form type: Beach Towel
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Fabric Type: Fiber
  • Brand: SUNBKIM


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SUNBKIM microfiber beach towel is made of soft and skin-friendly microfiber fabrics, which super absorbent and fast drying. Soaks up 5X its weight in water and dries nearly 3X faster than cotton towel. After dry your sweat or body water, Spread out or hang up the quick dry towel will be dry in minutes. The SUNBKIM Beach Towel’s unique and sophisticated button design makes it easy to keep your towel on your body instead of securing it with your hands. Quickly turns into a cape to keep you warm and protected from the sun. Multi-purpose, perfect accessory for home or outdoor activities. Say goodbye to all that annoying sand which sticks to your regular beach blanket!Just shake the blanket or brush off all the sand whit no effort! The sunbkim blankets are sand-resistant, meaning the sand on the beach won’t leave a mess on your way homeAlign and fold until palm size

About this item
  • The beach towel is made from soft microfiber, fine weave, and tight edge technology making it durable, tear-resistant, wear-resistant, and colorfast.
  • The beach towel can cover the whole body or lounger perfectly.
  • Each beach blanket is printed whit clear patterns and a stylish design.
  • SUNBKIM recommends that you wash the towel before using it for the first time.
  • thick and soft beach towel dries three times faster than ordinary cotton fabric and can quickly absorb water five times heavier than its weight.