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Valentines Day

Valentine's Day At Bayberry Cove

Do you love the beach but have to stay in on Valentine’s Day? Worry not because Bayberry Cove is bringing the beach right to your home with our selection of Valentine’s beach-themed decor!

We’re playing Cupid here because you will surely love Bayberry Cove’s collection of Valentine’s figurines, vintage decor, and so much more. We’ve got all you need to add warmth, love, and super cuteness to your home this year on the day of hearts.

Whether you’re looking for decor and vintage figurines to add to your personal collection or you’re still searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift to your loved ones, we got you covered. We have adorable figurines, heart-shaped wreaths, heart candy boxes, or warm decor for your Valentine collection – we have just what you are looking for in a beach-themed Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Bayberry Cove!